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Attempted Suicide

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Colorado Man attempts suicide at Rock Canyon overlook

On Saturday, June 15, 2002 at approximately 12:00 noon, the Utah County Sheriff's Office responded to an attempted Suicide at the Rock Canyon Overlook in Provo, Utah. The Sheriff's Office was contacted by a Bishop from the LDS church in Aurora, Colorado the Bishop said he had information that a 39 year old male was going to attempt suicide in Provo. The Bishop was given a map by the person who was going to committ suicide so that Law Enforcement could find his body. Lt. Dave Bennet, a Pilot, with the Sheriff's Office was able to locate the vehicle by air and relay that information to Deputies on the ground. Deputies found the 39 year old male and assisted him until Provo Paramedics responded. The person was transported to Utah Valley Hospital in fair condition. The 39 year old overdosed on medication and was suffering from depression. The man will be admitted to the Psychiatric Ward of Utah Valley Hospital for further help. Sgt. Dennis Harris Public Information Officer Utah County Sheriff Office