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Utah County received high winds accompanied by heavy rain which caused numerous problems throughout Utah County.

On Saturday, June 1, 2002 at approximately 2:45 P.M. Utah County had a Micro Burst. Winds and heavy rain caused damaged to most of the county. The Utah County Sheriff's Office Dispatch Center received a high volume of calls from people reporting damage throughout Utah County. Power lines, Phone lines, and numerous tree's have been blown down throughout the County. In Spanish Fork a barn blew over onto center street. The Rail Road had to stop trains due to tree's and debris that had fallen down over the tracks. Spanish Fork received power outages to most of the city. Payson received flooding at 250 N. Main Street and Power outages to most of the city. A trampoline blew into the road and hit a Utah Highway Patrol Vehicle. The State Parks responded to a boat in distress on Utah Lake. Provo and Pleasant Grove received power outages to different parts of their city. Salen had a barn blow over onto SR198 and also received power outages to parts of the city. American Fork had power outages and also had numerous tree's down. Highland had power outages in parts of the city. A trampoline blew onto the road hitting a citizens vehicle. Saratoga had some large Irrigation lines blow onto SR68. There have not been any reports of injuries so far as a result of the microburst. The Utah County Sheriff's Office had to go onto an emergency back up generator due to the power loss. Any further developments will be reported on this internet site. Sgt. Dennis Harris Public Information Officer Utah County Sheriff's Office